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Precast:  This term describes our process of casting the stone before it is set in its desired location.  We manufacture all of our products at our Gainesville facility.  We do not pour concrete on job sites, only at our plant location.


Design:  Using the latest CAD software and CNC technology our team can create one-of-a-kind molds.  This allows us to cast unique concrete pieces for construction or decorative applications.  We have manufactured everything from artwork to wall coping.  We have completed jobs for local homeowners and international corporations.  Whatever you have in mind we will be glad to help design and create the concrete piece you are looking for.


Pricing:  No matter the size of the project we strive to produce the highest quality product at the best possible price.  Each piece is unique and the price of a Custom Project is also unique.  The time and material to create the mold, color of the piece, quantity, and delivery method are just some of the factors in the cost.  Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate.  Prices of our regular stocked items are listed in the Product Gallery.


Concrete:  We manufacture our normal stock items with Type 3 cement, yellow sand, and 89 rock.   We do not use dry packed cement. After three days it has 4000 psi.  In 14 days it reaches 5000 psi.  Items we routinely stock include lintels, doorheaders, steps and windowsills for the construction industry.  We also stock stepping stones, benches, picnic tables, birdbaths, etc. for outdoor landscaping and residential applications.  Please view the Product Gallery to see a wide range of our products


Color and Texture:  We also use Type 1 White cement because it has similar properties to the cement described above.  Using it allows us to create concrete pieces in a wide range of colors by using pigments and dyes.  We also have the ability to produce different textures by utilizing a wide range of aggregates and surfacing techniques.


The Process:  We start with a mold.  We have many molds in stock and our talented Form Builders have the skills to create molds out of materials like steel, plywood, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, and styrofoam.


Once the mold is built the cement, rock, sand, and water are mixed.  When the concrete reaches the desired consistency it is then poured into the mold.  It is then vibrated to remove air pockets trapped in the mold, giving the piece a smooth finish.  If reinforcement, like rebar, is required it is placed in place during this step.  Once the mold is full the concrete is troweled smooth with the top of the form.  This finish usually becomes the bottom side of the piece since a piece is typically poured upside down.


Next the concrete is allowed to harden.  We typically remove the mold the day after the piece was poured.  The pieces can now be placed on the yard to cure, and in some cases  be delivered and installed.  Even though the piece has taken shape and is now hard the curing process continues for another 28 days.

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